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Miniature Illusions!!!
Green Sock Sales Page

  1. All items must be in working/good order (unless stated in the description).
  2. E-mail Sally (e-mail address can be taken from the green sock site) with a picture (if available) and description.
  3. Use your own currency - conversions can be made when a sale is sorted out.
  4. Indicate whether you will accept a trade instead of payment in your description.
  5. Potential buyers contact seller to discuss postage prices and also who will pay the postage.
  6. Please do not put e-mails in the description - this will only be open to Green Sockees, so you will be able to get the e-mail addresses from the site/directory.
  7. The item should not be sent before payment is received, unless agreed between buyer and seller.
  8. This web site will in no way profit from these sales, and therefore will not be held in contention if there is a dispute.  (Not that there will be - I had to put that in!)
  9. Please let me know when sales have occurred - so I can remove them. 



This Fairy is handmade, using a kit and silk flowers.  She is unbroken, and comes with her toadstool (shop bought).  I will accept trades for this item upto 10.00 in value.  For sale for 10.00 plus postage.

Please contact (name) if interested

There are six 'bar'? bulbs (I don't know if these work, as I don't as a fixture for them), eight (8) 1.5 v. micro bulbs new in pkg, 3 bulbs with colored caps on them (orange, blue and green), and 4 9v battery holder with 4 9v battery connectors.  I will sell all for $5 or a comparable swap.
Contact Lynne NoE if interested.

Lynn(noE) 1