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Miniature Illusions!!!
Green Sock On Left Foot On Tuesday Club


The GSOLFOT Club is an internet miniature club run by Noni. She who must be obeyed!! If you do not obey her instuctions you will find yourself washing socks (green of course) for 1 hour!

We have virtual holidays to far off lands, where we might meet handsome waitors, or go gold mine hunting. We also have swaps and competitions, and we always talk about minis!!! If you are interested in finding out about the GSOLFOT Club, click on the welcome to madness link above.

1/12th scale Noni

This picture shows Noni on her tour of the USA and UK. It is during her visit to Little Haywood. She is checking her route for the next visit. Noni (or Mini Noni) was sent to members of the GSOLFOT and photographed, before finding her way to the real Oz, and surprising her on the GSOLFOT Anniversary.
Click on the picture to see her tour of the world.